Unique School/Sport Photography

Your Child's School Memories


Who needs school pictures?

This generation is the most photographed generation of all times, yet when it comes to printed pictures they won't have any boxes of pictures to look through to show their children. They are all on their parent's phones, that's why we believe it is so important to receive that printed image.

What makes Lark different?

We have all had bad school pictures and have heard the same excuses as to why no one orders  - just a school picture, they don't take their time with the kids, who cares. We believe thought and time should be taken with every student that comes to us. We have combed many heads, buttoned shirts,  and wiped off the lunch from the cafeteria. Yes! Your child is important to us! 

Why look like everyone else?

We can be as traditional as the next studio if a traditional backdrop is needed. We love to create something that looks like your school and we love to photograph outside. We use outdoor nature backdrops, the art in the school, the chicken coop or a backdrop that the children have made. Ideas are endless!

Why choose Lark?

We have been photographing children for over 25 years. We are moms and grandmas. We are owner run and operated - you get us not a hired hand.

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